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By Maureen McMullen , Published May 11 2014

It's My Job: Enjoying screen success: Boneskot Design Co. sees strong, steady growth

Scott Syverson opened Boneskot Design Co. eight years ago when a business partner with experience in screen printing was “ready to strike out on his own,” but didn’t want to go for it alone.

Since then, Syverson said he’s enjoyed sharing in his clients’ success.

Besides T-shirts, what kind of products does Boneskot offer?

Pretty much anything you can wear. So, sweatshirts, pants, all apparel. We do screen-printing and embroidery here on site, but we also do logo design for different companies. We do promotional products – I don’t do those in-house, but we can help people get that stuff.

How much control does your company have over the designs?

It all depends on the job. We’ve been around long enough where some people know what we do, like what we do, and they give us free reign. Most people that come in have an established logo or at least an idea of what they want, and then we work with them from there to get what they want.

Do you have a favorite type of design or clientele to work with?

I really like working with bars because they have their set logo stuff, which is good – it’s easy to do – and then they’re a little more adventurous on doing funnier stuff, or a bit racier.

What is the strangest request you’ve gotten for a design?

The strangest ones are the swearing ones, they’re really out-there ones. That would be when people come in and are a little sheepish about what they want to ask for. They don’t really want to tell you, or they’ve got a clever little swear word hidden somewhere on their shirts.

What do you like about co-owning Boneskot?

Since we’re eight years old, when we started, we started really small, and we’re growing. We get to grow along with businesses that also started around the same time we did. I really like how, with jobs that we started, say, two years ago, they came in and wanted a dozen shirts. Now, two years later, they’ll come in and they’re doing 200 shirts. I like that, as other businesses grow, so do we.

What do you find challenging about your job?

I always have ink on my fingers; there’s never a time when I have clean hands. That would be the worst part of my job, just from the print ink that we use on the shirts and when we’re cleaning it all up.

We’re small, so everyone who works here does every job. I don’t print, but I do the prep work and the cleaning and all that stuff. This time of year is our busiest time of year. Softball’s coming, summer’s starting, so bands start playing more, bars want their summer stuff, so this right now is when we’re the busiest.

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