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Jasmine Maki, Forum News Service, Published April 27 2014

AppSnap: Timehop a way to relive the past one day at a time

Have you ever sat and wondered what you were doing exactly one year ago, or maybe even five years ago? Well, the free iOS app Timehop might have an answer.

The app connects to users’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, among other social media networks, to pull posts from the past, allowing users to relive their past one day at a time. Each day, the user receives a new memory in the form of an old post, tweet or photo from the exact same day one, two, three or even four years ago. For users who don’t post daily, the app will pull the closest posts for one’s daily memories.

The memories can be shared via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It’s a quick and simple way to reminisce, without getting caught up in the past or wasting hours flipping through one’s Facebook photo albums.

After downloading Timehop, the user connects to all his or her social media accounts and the app does the rest. Each day, the user will be notified when a new memory is ready. And, along with the personal memory, the app also includes one short piece of news from the past.

Some might wish Timehop displayed more features and setting options. But with the complexity of so many other apps, Timehop’s limited settings and functions are a welcomed change. The app may be all about the past, but its simple design is nothing but refreshing. Plus, the mascot is an adorable blue time-traveling dinosaur.

If you like to reminisce about the past, Timehop is definitely worth the free download.

Maki writes for the Grand Forks Herald.