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Tom R. Kovach, Nevis, Minn., Published April 25 2014

Letter: Obama, Holder play race card

President Barack Obama came into office claiming he was the president of “all” Americans. But now, like a number of other Democrats, he is starting to play the race card with more vigor. Both Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder claim that they are treated differently because of their color.

A lot of white Democrats agree with them. Former baseball player Hank Aaron goes so far as to compare the GOP with the KKK. I’ve said this from day one: You cannot be critical of this president without being accused of racism. In both his elections, many black actors and other black leaders came right out and said that a vote against Obama was nothing short of racism.

I’m not sure what Obama and Holder’s game is. Are they pushing for a race war? If there is going to be a colorblind society, there has to be give and take on both sides; not just constant accusations of racism every time a white person disagrees with a black person.

Obama and Holder and those who support their ideas on race are going on a very slippery slope that can have dangerous consequences for all of us.

Does racism exist? Certainly. But it comes from all sides and should be recognized as thus. Obama and Holder and race mongers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson need to stop this nonsense and quit playing the racial victim thing.