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Jenna Sarah, Fargo, Published April 19 2014

Letter: Letter writer’s birth control claims ridiculous

In response to Will Shulstad, who wrote on April 11 what he truly thought the Hobby Lobby suit was about:

He should refrain from speaking on matters that he knows little to nothing about, which he so prominently displayed in his opinion.

Birth control does not, I repeat, does not, cause abortion. It was irresponsible to state so. It prevents pregnancy. It allows a woman to have some control over her ovulation cycles so a couple, or the woman herself, can choose when she wants to become pregnant.

Birth control does not discard or destroy eggs outside of the female body’s natural form of excretion. Birth control is no different than condoms controlling where sperm goes (or doesn’t go). The only difference is that a woman has to have a prescription in order to obtain birth control.

The issue with the lawsuit (or problem, should we say) is, there is no clear line of where religious rights as employers end and rights of employees begin. Using the “religious freedom” card has become all too common. Remember the good old days when religion and government were separate? You can’t swing your arms nowadays without offending someone’s religion.

Just think if this were to be allowed. What would stop an employer from saying they don’t believe in modern medicine? What would stop an employer from denying coverage for prenatal and postnatal care to a mother out of wedlock? What would stop an employer from denying coverage for an employee who’s gay? The list goes on.

I ask you to stop spreading misinformation about birth control. It’s not only irresponsible, it’s a disservice to every young teen girl who’s working up the courage to talk to her mom or dad about it because they want to try to be safe and responsible.