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Chris Hellerud, Glyndon, Minn., Published April 18 2014

Letter: Pet aggression comes in all sizes

I was sad to see another article in the news about a pit bull attack April 11.

Last summer I adopted a 5-year-old Shih Tzu that sadly grew up at the Wheatland, N.D., puppy mill. After seven months of working with her and building her confidence, I decided April 11 that it was time to bring her to the dog park in Fargo. There was one small dog there, so I put my dog on a leash because I wasn’t sure how she would react. As I closed the gate and entered the park, the small Dachshund came running and attacked my already timid dog. I lifted her up right away, and the small dog was latched on and came up with her. I had to pry the dog’s mouth open to release my dog. The owner was not within reach of her dog and her comment to me was, “Sorry, we are still working on social skills.”

We ended up bringing Ruby to the emergency veterinary clinic that night. She had a puncture wound with lots of swelling and bruising. She requires daily antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and pain medication. The bill was $230.

Why does society want to pick on the pit bull? Aggression in dogs can be in any breed or size. My other dog, a small Pekingese/poodle cross, is aggressive toward certain kids when they step foot onto his territory.

Certain precautions have to be taken. It’s about being a responsible pet owner. If you think your dog is unpredictable, put him on a leash and take measures to ensure the safety of other animals and people.