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Austin Culp, Fargo, Published April 12 2014

Letter: Since when does ‘sensitivity’ negate right of free speech?

The University of North Dakota’s Gamma Phi Beta sorority (Forum, April 8) did something almost unthinkable and very insensitive; they hung up a banner saying “You can take away our mascot but you can’t take away our pride.” Wow, does it get any worse than that? What sorts of evil lies in the heart of man, or woman in this case?

The insensitivity of that impertinent sorority is mindboggling and beyond the pale. Fortunately though, the thought control police at UND have got things under control and are probably already prepared to enter into a brainwashing and

re-education operation which should get most of these evildoers thinking properly.

Unfortunately that sorority may be just the tip of the iceberg. Who knows what insensitive thoughts are floating around in all sorts of heads, both on and off college campuses throughout North Dakota and perhaps the nation? Oh, the work of liberal theologians is never done.

How did we get to this point? It’s simple. We have been fed this pap for decades, one mouthful at a time. Anti-discrimination laws and hate crime laws, de facto and illegal reverse discrimination and who knows what else. They are all designed to do one thing, take away our liberty while instilling a feeling of entitlement into the minds of some.

Since when does something as trifling as sensitivity trump freedom of speech? Oh, but we have to be respectful, especially of certain groups. UND President Robert Kelley talks about sensitivity when he should be pointing out that there is room for disagreement on a college campus.

It’s not someone’s feelings that are at stake, it is liberty itself that hangs in the balance. That may sound extreme, but when will a prayer or sermon in church be deemed insensitive, offensive and illegal? We’re closer to that day all the time.

UND is a tax-supported institution that rams liberal religious theology down the throats of its students. If universities and colleges would cut out all the useless and counterproductive diversity classes, which mainly foment envy and anger among minority groups, they might be able to provide a better education for less money.

Favored minority groups such as Indians, gays and others may think this thought control and anti-discrimination stuff is great, but things can turn on a dime and go the other way. The liberal thought police aren’t interested in justice for or the welfare of minorities, they are interested in gaining power at the expense of everyone’s freedom.