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Bob Lind, Published April 10 2014

Neighbors: Blind hunter's HBO film foiled by windstorm

Here’s feedback concerning past Neighbors’ topics.

The story: Carey McWilliams, the Fargo man who has gained fame as a hunter even though he is blind, was going to be filmed by HBO as he hunted for mountain lions in Nevada in February.

Feedback: Carey writes that the hunt had to be put on hold, because a windstorm damaged his outfitter’s equipment.

“But the bosses of the film crew that had come to do the filming said the piece was solid, so the lion hunt isn’t deleted, just postponed,” Carey says.


The story: The late Marv Bossart had several co-anchors on his WDAY-TV newscast. One of them was Claudia Danovic, who this column listed as being on the show beginning in 1972.

Feedback: Mark Sornsin, Fargo, writes that 1972 is wrong. “If I had to guess, it was 1982-’83,” he says.

Mark has reason to know about Marv, who was a family friend and Mark’s godfather.

Leather postcards

The story: Dolores Hackett, Fargo, has some postcards made of leather and mailed more than 100 years ago.

Feedback: Rick Hanson, Lake Park, Minn., says his mother Eldoris Hanson, also of Lake Park, has 24 leather post cards held together with leather laces and dated 1906 and 1907 when the postage was 1 cent.

The cards were addressed to the Youngberg sisters. After they died, their house, known to Lake Park residents as the Youngberg house, was being cleaned for new owners and apparently the cards were thrown out, because Rick’s father Duane found them in the Lake Park dump ground in the 1960s.

Most of the cards came from Butte, Mont., and Ashland, Wis. Some are green with Ben Franklin’s image and some are with George Washington’s image.

Finally, in connection with Dolores Hackett, mentioned above, Terry Henriksen, Sun City West, Ariz., writes that he grew up near Sarles, N.D., where the Hacketts lived, and he went to school with the Hackett daughters, proving once again, he says, that “rural North Dakota is a small community” where everyone knows everyone.

No question about it, Terry.

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