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Pam Moll, Moorhead, Published March 29 2014

Letter: Forum reporting was disgusting

I felt my heart break all over again for the family and friends of Lt. Jeff Skuza after I read the “newsbreaking” headline in the March 18 edition of The Forum. Having lost a close family member to suicide several years ago, the pain and anguish is horrendous for those grieving the loss, and this lame attempt at reporting what you consider news is disrespectful and appalling at best.

My question for The Forum is simple: What were you thinking when you decided it was newsworthy to report the details of his employment issues? Is this the type of “news” that we can now expect from The Forum with other public servants who have made on-the-job errors in judgment?

Why limit your scandalous reporting to public employees? Perhaps we should start with the staff at The Forum. I’m sure there are a lot of employee issues that you wouldn’t care to have splashed as the cover story of your publication. Or was this shabby treatment reserved for Lt. Skuza only because he could no longer defend himself?

We all have made mistakes on the job, but trashing someone who can no longer defend themselves is about as low as you can sink.

After reading the article, I immediately canceled my daily subscription. This pathetic attempt was not “reporting the news.” It was a slaughter of a good man’s reputation.