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Greg Cook, Fargo, Published March 29 2014

Letter: Olson disregards inevitable change

Message to Rick Olson (column, March 22):

The days of banning same-sex couples from marrying are nearing an end, and it will come faster than you think in North Dakota. As I rejoice the fact that my brother will marry his partner of 23 years in Michigan, I can only shake my head at the ignorance and bigotry you demonstrate in your opinion piece in The Forum.

I see many parallels between Michigan and North Dakota. Like North Dakota, Michigan voters enshrined a gay marriage ban in their constitution in 2004. Last weekend, a judge ruled it unconstitutional, and it didn’t take a public vote. You see, our U.S. constitution protects the rights of the minority that is discriminated against, not the majority that wishes to discriminate.

I am just counting the days until Olson and his ilk will be relegated to the trash pile of history and people can be free from having their lives controlled by Bible thumpers whom they have never met.

Thank goodness for the U.S. Constitution.