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Denis Richardson, Moorhead, Published March 26 2014

Letter: Hobby Lobby has a blind spot over contraception

I am interested to see how the current case in front of the U.S. Supreme Court justices unfolds.

Hobby Lobby’s owners say that as Christians they should be exempt from providing their employees with health care insurance that includes certain methods of birth control because it is against their religion.

What I am wondering is, given that Hobby Lobby’s inventory is probably a huge amount of goods produced in China, why they have no problem with that at all. China, up until very recently, had a strict one-child policy (now you are “allowed” to have two if either parent was an only child).

Does Hobby Lobby think this one-child policy was achieved via magic or abstinence? China’s citizens use all kinds of birth control methods as well as abortion to limit their families. Most female babies are aborted just because they are girls.

How can Hobby Lobby justify this? Is it because of the cheap goods they get to then sell in their stores? The hypocrisy on this is mind-blowing!

You want to dictate what your employees can do in their private lives, all the while selling goods from a country that completely ignores your stores’ policy here? What a joke!