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Tracy Frank, Published March 26 2014

Review: New dish wand sponge doesn’t live up to promises

I like using a dish wand as a quick and easy way to wash dishes if I only have a few to do or if the dishwasher is full.

I typically use the sponge heads with the scouring pads. They work well, but have a tendency to trap bits of food.

So when I noticed Scotch Brite’s new Stay Clean dish wand sponge guaranteed not to trap food, I decided to give it a shot.

The tightly constructed surface layer is said to stop food from getting trapped. But small and large sized dots are supposed to ensure maximum scrubbing performance.

Unfortunately, the sponge, which sells for $4 for a two-pack, didn’t stay that clean. Peanut butter and tomato sauce seemed especially prone to sticking to the sponge’s surface. I didn’t think it cleaned as well as the sponge heads with the scouring pads, either. And it kept popping off of my dish wand.

So while I may have to change the sponge heads with the scouring pads a bit more often, it’s worth it, especially for their extra scrubbing power.

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