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Frank Anderson, Fargo , Published March 22 2014

Letter: Not easy being chief of police

Fargo Police Chief Keith Chief Ternes does not have an easy job. The way the public found out about Lt. Jeff Skuza’s employment situation did not come easy for the chief.

However, the chief did not make the mistake about informing the public in a timely manner. He was darned if he did, and darned if he did not. Nothing but the front page would do. There would be someone out there saying The Forum and the chief were trying to bury the information.

When a person in that high of trust level falls from grace, there is only one way to go. Immediate, forthright confession would have made the issue slide by like a greased up sled. The issue would have made a good training session, put on by Lt. Skuza.

Communities usually complain one way or another. Never are we 100 percent in agreement and never do we fully research why we decide what we decide. I know from experience that we as whole do not do our due diligence. We do not have the time.

Respectfully, Officer Skuza will be missed. Rest in peace, kind sir.

Being chief is not easy. Ask me. My dad was chief in Fargo for 20 years, on the force for 40.