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Pamela Fuhrman, Fargo, Published March 19 2014

Letter: All to make buck selling the paper?

I was appalled when I saw the front page of March 18 Forum and the headline, “Officer who killed himself was to be fired.” Really? This was so newsworthy that it had to be on the front page including a picture?

I live just down the street from the church where Lt. Jeff Skuza’s funeral was held. Did you not see the hundreds of vehicles, both personal and official, the lights flashing, the flag drawn between two Fire Department trucks? All to honor a man who served our community unselfishly for more than two decades.

Shame on you for tarnishing that beautiful last public show of gratitude and respect to a man who gave so much. Is it not hard enough on a family to get through this awful, senseless death and then having to deal with the public humiliation Lt. Skuza was worried about? Where are your morals? All this just to make a buck selling a paper.

Again, shame on you.