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Published March 16 2014

Forum editorial: Fork up a heap of spurge

LEAFY SPURGE: To West Fargo neighbors who are playing the snob card regarding establishment of a couple of high-end gated neighborhoods in the city. Do they not understand that not all neighborhoods are created equal? It’s always been that way and always will be. It has to do with income levels and a marketplace that can accommodate all kinds of residential developments. The suggestion that a gated community is not “North Dakota nice” is in itself not nice. It’s a classist pejorative comment that has more to do with envy than with some sort of imagined egalitarian standard for homes and neighborhoods. Grow up, complainers. Some folks can afford the high cost of a gated community that provides ramped-up levels of safety and security. Some people can’t. West Fargo, like any thriving progressive city, has room for all.

LEAFY SPURGE: To critics of the Moorhead City Council who are intimating a dark racial motive in the council’s rejection of funding a study that might lead to acquisition of a building (for “free”) that was the former home of a Hispanic cultural center. The building is structurally sound but needs a lot of expensive work to be brought up to usable standards. The city is not interested in owning the property and taking on the ongoing costs to taxpayers that would come with it. The center was all but abandoned by its former tenants, an organization that is being dissolved. The expectation that the city pick up the pieces at a time when city finances are stressed is unrealistic. This is about stewardship of taxpayer resources, not about the cultural values of the people the defunct center once served. The failure of that enterprise has nothing to do with council members or city staff. If the building were an empty warehouse or a failed flower shop, the city should still steer clear.

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