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Tracy Briggs, Published March 12 2014

The Great Indoors: Hot Buns not so hot

I always cringe just a little around dance recital time.

I love watching my daughters perform, but I get the nervous sweats thinking about styling their hair for the big event. Curls, I can do (I still have hot rollers from the ’80’s). But if it’s a bun that’s required, I’m toast.

I look on with envy at the other little ballerinas and their perfectly slicked-back buns. Not a hair out of place. Seriously. Not. One. Hair. My daughters, on the other hand, have bobby pins sticking out every which way. I think we can pick up Radio Free Europe.

So when I saw a late-night cable TV commercial for Hot Buns, I was intrigued. The product claims to give you “beautiful buns in less than a minute.” (I think that’s similar to what the Brazilian Butt Lift commercial claimed a couple of years ago. I hope this works better than that.)

I didn’t call the operators standing by that night, but fortunately I found the Hot Buns at the drugstore and picked up a pack.

Each pack contains two foam-like rollers, one large and one small. You also have a choice between dark- or light-colored ones depending upon your hair color.

The instructions were pretty straightforward. You just use the foam roller like a curler, wrapping up the hair as you go. Once it’s rolled, bend it down and snap it into place so it looks like a donut. Spread the hair evenly to cover any bare spots and secure it in place with the attached elastic band.

It was pretty easy to do, but certainly not as easy as they make it look on the commercial. Shocking, right?

Hot Buns helped me make a bun that I normally couldn’t do by myself. The drawback is because the hair is wrapped around a huge foam roller, the bun was really big – almost oversized for a child.

I’d probably use it in a pinch, but I can’t see using it regularly. In the meantime, I think I’ll lobby the dance studio to convince them how lovely hot-rollered ’80s curls can be.

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