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Jasmine Maki, Forum News Service, Published March 07 2014

North Dakota native finds perfect match on MTV's 'Are You the One'

FINLEY, N.D. – Halfway through its first season, MTV’s “Are You the One?” has taken Finley native Dillan Ostrom on an emotional roller-coaster ride.

On the show, Ostrom has found his perfect match, said goodbye to his new friends and moved into the honeymoon suite. Off the show, he has grown his following on Twitter to 10,500 plus and is being recognized everywhere he goes.

“You know it’s changed when you walk into Walmart and people are noticing you and saying ‘hi,’ ” Ostrom said. “Or, you go into Scheels and right after you leave, somebody tweets ‘Oh, I saw him in Scheels’… it’s definitely been overwhelming.”

The show features 20 contestants trying to win

$1 million by finding the 10 perfect matches, which have been determined by a rigorous matchmaking process. During each episode, the cast faces challenges, a truth booth and a matchup ceremony, all helping them to verify the correct pairs.

‘A perfect match’

So far, the show has revealed two perfect matches, the first being Ostrom and Southern sweetheart Coleysia Chestnut of Selma, Ala.

Their perfect match was revealed when the couple were sent to the truth booth in episode five. It was the second time Ostrom had been sent to the truth booth – the first was with Jessica Perez of Miami.

“When you step into the truth booth, it is a little nerve-racking because you don’t know what’s going to happen,” he said. “And, if you do have some feelings for this girl and you go in there, and it’s not a match, then you have to cut all ties and move on, and as a human being, that’s not always easy.”

But knowing he wasn’t a match with Perez, Ostrom said he was fairly confident about his match with Chestnut. When the screen revealed their match, which was the first verified match of the season, Ostrom said he was ecstatic.

“It was wild because it hadn’t been done before, and we’d been pretty miserable at the matchup ceremonies and no truth booths were verified,” he said. “When we found out we were a match, I can’t really describe it … it was overwhelming.”

At the end of the episode, the couple moved out of the house and into a honeymoon suite, which Ostrom said was bittersweet because he didn’t want to leave his new connections. But at the same time, he said it put him right where he wanted to be.

“I was now one-on-one with Coleysia, and I was able to just focus on us,” he said. “And she’s such a sweet and caring girl, it made it so easy to kind of elope or just run away with her.”

As far as their relationship after the show, Ostrom said he and Chestnut still talk all the time, but he couldn’t divulge what kind of relationship they have.

“People need to keep watching and tuning in,” he said. “Fingers crossed, they’ll shoot back to a couple things we got to do together because it was an amazing experience.”

Interacting with fans

While Ostrom’s screen time might be slowing down now that he has found his perfect match, it seems his stardom is just picking up speed.

The aspiring comedian received some negative attention after the first episode for some questionable comments he made, but it didn’t take long for viewers to come around.

“If you don’t know my personality or don’t know me, I kind of understand why it started out a little rocky,” Ostrom said. “But anybody who knows my personality or has been with me before, they get it, and they’ve absolutely loved it from the beginning.”

Throughout the season, Ostrom has been interacting with viewers on social media and has become a favorite among the fans of the show.

“It’s been great,” he said. “The thing that surprises me the most is that fans get so surprised or so excited when I talk back to them … but if they try to reach out to me or try to contact me in a positive way, I’m definitely going to give them some message back or at least try to.”

Ostrom doesn’t know whether he will get more screen time on “Are You the One?” but he said he is excited to see how everything will progress on and off the show.