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Bob Lind, Published February 26 2014

Neighbors: Believe it or not, a poem for fans of lutefisk

Here’s a poem for fans of lutefisk (there has to be some out there).

It comes from Hal Sillers, Moorhead, who writes that he “is not of Norwegian heritage, nor am I a fan of lutefisk, but I wrote this verse for one of my brothers-in-law who is the former but not the latter.”

Hal’s poetic endeavor follows:

On good taste

I will not argue with you this point,

Your Norsky past did you anoint

With certain traits and a label

That others might think would disable

Your ability to think and reason

Of things that are only pleasin’.

But we all know that is not true,

As only Norsks good food eschew

By eating buttery lye- soaked cod

And calling it a gift from God.

Pots of coffee they do quaff

Then they all sit back and laugh

To think that others not so endowed

Don’t like what makes Norwegians proud:

To be the only race alive

To eat lutefisk and still survive.

And there, neighbors, is Hal’s tasteful (?) ode to lovers of lutefisk.

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