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Jim Fuglie, Bismarck, Published February 26 2014

Letter: It was a cheap shot at union members

I could put up with Todd Gross’ whiny letter (Feb. 21) about missing his flight, in spite of the fact that thousands of flights have been canceled this winter all across the U.S. If Gross wants to vent, so be it. I’m sorry his vacation got messed up. I’m sure the airline is as well.

What I won’t tolerate is his snarky comment “... a mechanic could not arrive until 1 p.m. to repair it (must be a union issue).”

Even if the mechanics were union members, he’d have no knowledge about whether there was a “union issue” behind the delay. His remark is uncalled for and shows what a petty little player he is in a picture much bigger than his one delayed flight.