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Jeff Grover, Harwood, N.D., Published February 24 2014

Letter: Booze at the movies is a very dumb idea

I don’t know if I’ve heard a dumber idea in a long time – alcohol in the movie theaters. Obviously this one was not well thought through.

Where to begin? The theater has been one of the last few places where one could drop off their kids for a movie with friends and not have to worry about some drunk confronting them. And that’s just the start. How about adults passing their beer to teens in a dark theater where no one can observe them? What about the mean, nasty drunk who decides to pick a fight with your child because they might have bumped them in the dark and spilled their beer? Even worse – the over-served parent who then drives his kids and their friends home and runs into a bridge abutment?

The idea has bad written all over it, and I would hope that it is shut down as a “dumb and dumber” idea before it gets even the slightest consideration.