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Neil Schloesser, Fargo, Published February 23 2014

Letter: The vitriol blunts the good points

Regarding Austin Culp’s letter from Feb. 14:

He made a good point at the end when he said that the cost of medical services will fall with more competition and transparency in pricing but he expelled vitriol before he led readers to his point. Calling Democrats “communists” does not make sense as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is modeled on former Republican Gov. Mitt Romney’s health system in Massachusetts. The health care law was also a Republican idea that dates back more than two decades to the conservative Heritage Foundation.

The Affordable Care Act does a lot of what Culp wants, such as opening up the health market to many competitors so that they will compete for customers by reducing prices and offering new services. The Affordable Care Act is not perfect, nor is it communist in nature. It is a Republican idea passed by a Democrat president. It embraces the free market while offering subsidies to people who cannot afford to buy health insurance.

It would behoove Culp and others to take a deep breath and calm themselves before they put pen to paper. If one wishes to engage in civil discourse, they themselves must be civil.