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Trey Overby, Binford, N.D., Published February 14 2014

Letter: I eat what I want when I want

In response to your Jan. 30 article titled, “Healthier eating vital for youth”:

The article states the many different reasons why eating healthy is so essential for our youth to stay healthy. While there is much truth behind this, I don’t believe it is absolutely vital for the youth to stay healthy and live long.

The reason I don’t believe this is I am a young healthy male in the prime of my life and have done the exact opposite of eating healthy. Throughout my close to 20 years, I have never once eaten a fruit and the only vegetable I eat is the potato. Beyond this, I eat “junk” food such as chips, candy and many other foods in moderation that are deemed unhealthy. Yet throughout my life, the most unhealthy I’ve ever been is when I would catch the common cold in school. I still drink plenty of water and exercise regularly, which keeps me in relatively good shape. I have never once had a problem with my weight, which is why I don’t feel eating healthy is completely necessary.

The fact of the matter is, we could all die tomorrow from many other means other than being unhealthy, so why not live life to the fullest today? There’s no point in living a life that had no joys of indulging every now and again.

I’m not saying to go eat and drink whatever your heart desires. I’m just saying live life while you can and satisfy your wants in moderation. The bottom line is if you are happy with your life, there won’t be any regrets when you are gone.