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Austin Culp, Fargo, Published February 14 2014

Letter: Obamacare is a communist attack

Obamacare is a communist attack upon the middle class and thus upon this nation.

First, let’s look at communism. It never works for the benefit of the people; in fact, in that regard, it fails every time it’s tried. However, the communist siren song has such a magnetic pull on many people that they can’t resist its primeval call of “something for nothing.”

Obamacare is the latest example of many people swimming off to embrace the siren song of a bunch of liars, charlatans and would- be dictators.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost, but many still can’t bring themselves to admit that Obama and most Democrats are riding down the street stark raving naked. Their communist solutions to almost everything have been washed away by a downpour of reality.

Affordable health care is the exact opposite of what this grotesque law will ever deliver. This law will stifle competition and innovation. The big drug companies, hospitals and insurance companies are all part of this government-imposed cartel, and they don’t want competition. The patient, in a system such as this, is merely a cypher that brings in profit.

If we want affordable health care, we need to open up the health care industry to more providers, companies and insurers of every sort. We need to get rid of rules that discourage competition. If we do that, free market forces that encourage competition and innovation will deliver better health care at lower prices.

The most rational way to control cost and provide service is when a customer looks at prices in a competitive market and goes to where he or she thinks they are getting the best value.