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Janne Myrdal, Park River, N.D., Published February 08 2014

Letter: A focus on cost is sad

In response to The Forum’s Jan. 28 editorial, “Abortion legislation is no victory”:

I am saddened by your vision of a society where a dollar amount is applied to the value of human life. The battle for life in North Dakota is the seminal human rights issue of our day, and the fact that The Forum laments the cost of about 50 cents per resident to protect the life of the unborn and their mothers in this booming economy is frankly a shockingly sad statement.

As far as your assertion that these laws are not “constitutional,” that is an opinion only, and I would wager to say subject to interpretation beyond The Forum’s expertise. Last time I checked, the right to “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” was still in our founding documents. It is an easy thing to assert that something is constitutional or not, yet we must be careful to note that Roe v. Wade did not make abortion constitutional but rather, along with the later decision in Casey v. Planned Parenthood, left huge discretion to states to protect life through legislation on the state level.

Recent surveys and studies by several entities, including the Guttmacher Institute, notes that since 2011 there has been 205 state legislative victories on behalf of protecting the unborn and their mothers in the nation, contrasted to only 189 provisions in all the years prior. So North Dakota’s new laws are consistent with a positive trend by lawmakers nationwide who are recognizing the fact that science has leapt forward with technology that now gives us images and knowledge of life in the womb that are undeniable and, therefore, require action, under the law, to protect women and their unborn.

Public opinion has changed drastically. According to Gallup, more Americans now call themselves pro-life than pro-abortion. The conscience of a nation is following in science’s footsteps. I would fear for our state if we were unwilling to recognize this.

It seems many wrongs in the past have been deemed “constitutional” at times, but, thankfully, humanity comes to terms with wrongdoing, as exampled in the horrors of slavery, and rights the wrong eventually. So it is now with facing the fact of human life, the most basic of all human rights.

Let me also remind you that one of the laws being litigated by the abortion industry is SB 2305, a law that protects women’s health, assuring continuous hospital care, if need be, after a complicated surgical procedure. Is it really The Forum’s opinion that this law for women is also not worth fighting to uphold? The litigation against this law in particular shows that the abortion industry’s bottom line is exactly that, the bottom line, not protecting women or their children.

So there is really no surprise in the loud lamenting of the abortion industry and its supporters across the nation as their revenue is falling.

What I am saddened to see is that the Forum editorial staff would be so shallow and obvious in its pro-abortion industry rhetoric.

Myrdal is state director, Concerned Women of America.