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Beth Brown, Bathgate, N.D., Published February 08 2014

Letter: Sad, utilitarian view of law, life

In The Forum’s Jan. 28 editorial, “Abortion legislation is no victory,” one has to wonder about your sad, utilitarian view of law and life.

Let’s look at it another way and say that the laws that were passed had nothing to do with the sanctity of life, but with the protection of the environment in the Bakken. And, let’s also say that they, like the pro-life laws that were passed in 2013, were subjected to legal challenges by Big Oil or other monied interest akin to the abortion industry on life issues. Would you, then, also take the view that our Attorney General’s Office shouldn’t do everything it can to protect the interests and well-being of the people of North Dakota, even if it means spending money to defend their good environmental laws? After all, it is the job description of said office to defend our laws, is it not?

You state that all of the North Dakota bills, except the 20-week ban, face legal challenges. But that is not actually true. In fact, HB 1305, the bill that bans abortion for sex-selection and genetic abnormalities, went into effect on Aug. 1 after the Red River Abortion Clinic decided to withdraw their legal challenge.

In a time when we are going through the biggest, sustained boom we have ever seen and with record surpluses in our state’s coffers, isn’t this the best of times to spend our money on things that matter most and which are supported by the majority of North Dakotans – the protection of human life? Or, perhaps, is it the opinion of The Forum that mothers and the unborn are actually people not in need of protection under law?