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Chris Walz, Detroit Lakes, Minn., Published February 08 2014

Letter: The restaurant’s real problem

I was outraged by the uproar by the restaurant owner regarding a fine being settled upon Santa Lucia for failing a compliance check. It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure that servers know the law. That is why there are training classes, which I understand at least one of the servers had not attended.

I don’t think that two engineering students should have had a problem with figuring out how to use a calculator. I hope they don’t plan on working for NASA. Beyond the failure to correctly use a calculator, they should have been capable of doing that sort of math in their heads; I could by the time I was in second grade. Of course I went to school at a time when fundamentals were stressed.

Lack of fundamental math skills aside, I believe the owner should be able to receive, for free from the liquor distributors, one of those page-a-day calendars with the correct legal age information. I worked at a C-store for a number of years, and we always got them from both beer and cigarette distributors. To quote from the article: “My staff did what they were supposed to do. I watched them,” she said. “If I wasn’t here, and I didn’t witness it, I wouldn’t have even believed what happened. I had to laugh … I said I cannot believe you both stood there and added on a calculator, both engineering students, and you got it wrong. Oh my God. That’s scary.”

To me, this means the owner was there, watched the server make the error, and then did nothing to correct them. Perhaps I’m wrong and have misinterpreted this statement. If I have correctly interpreted the quote, then the owner should very well have to cough up money for the fine because she contributed to the noncompliance. Somebody, perhaps several somebodies, needs to learn from this.