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Monica J. Stich, Fargo , Published February 06 2014

Letter: Quoting offender was disgusting

I was disgusted by the article “Moorhead man sentenced after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting child” (Jan. 24). It is bad enough that the person preyed on children. What made it worse, however, was when The Forum quoted the pedophile. Why on earth anyone would be interested in knowing what he had to say is beyond me. More baffling still, is why The Forum would quote the person, as though he were someone of respect and knowledge.

James Allen Haats pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 7-year-old for the past three years. Gosh, that would mean the child was 4 years old when the assaults began, or possibly 7 years old when it started and now a 10-year-old. Either way, an extremely young, innocent child. And what did The Forum deem so important, so newsworthy? Was this felon quoted while addressing a convincing repentant apology to the family? No, he certainly was not. Instead, he was quoted while talking about another victim of his.

Haats also told police he assaulted a 9-year-old but didn’t do it as often because this victim “didn’t seem to like it.”

What kind of nonsense, flat-out bulls##t is this? The 9-year-old didn’t seem to like it? Are you kidding me? Are we supposed to get caught up in the pedophile’s skewed way of thinking? Are we supposed to be drawn in to the pedophile’s insinuation that the 4-year-old or the 7-year-old liked it? How sick is that?

We, as adults, have an obligation to be guardians to children. We certainly are not supposed to re-victimize the victims. What the hell were you thinking?