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Barbara Kay Carlisle, Barnesville, Minn., Published February 01 2014

Letter: Remove genetically engineered organisms from the food supply

I don’t want to eat genetically engineered organisms in my foods – do you?

Allergies, autism, birth defects, cancer, digestive problems, infertility, learning disabilities and other health problems are linked to eating GMOs. The Food and Drug Administration ignored its own scientists 22 years ago. The truth about GMOs is exposed in Jeffrey Smith’s alarming film, “Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives.”

“In 1992, the FDA allowed GMOs onto the market without any required safety studies without any labeling,” says Smith. “So that, the companies like Monsanto – that told us that PCBs were safe and Agent Orange was safe and DDT was safe – they can determine if their GMOs were safe and just feed it to us. The person in charge of policy at the FDA at the time was Monsanto’s former attorney, later Monsanto’s vice president, now the U.S. food safety czar.”

After a scientist went public in 1999, European consumers demanded GMO-free food and, virtually every major food company committed to stop using GMO ingredients in their European food brands but not in their American brands.

“Documents made public from a lawsuit years later showed that the overwhelming consensus among the scientists at the FDA, whether GMOs might create allergens, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems, they had actually urged their superiors to require long-term study but were ignored,” says Smith.

GMO foods are now prevalent. However, companies refusing to use GMOs proclaim it on their labels – buy those foods.

Listen to scientists – not political appointees – avoid GMOs. Insist the FDA stop allowing GMOs in our food. Insist farmers stop growing GMO foods and stop feeding GMO foods to the animals we eat. Insist food companies stop using GMO ingredients in their foods. Call/write them. Switch to GMO-free foods. Food conglomerates using GMOs need to give Americans the same respect they gave European consumers 15 years ago.