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Christine Stenerson, Moorhead, Published January 30 2014

Letter: Kerry and Obama deserve to be jailed

I certainly agree with Tom Kovach’s letter on Jan. 21 regarding his comments on Secretary of State John Kerry giving away billions of our taxpayers’ money to countries such as Vietnam and others who have tortured and murdered American soldiers and do the same to their own citizens. These countries have said over and over they hate all Americans. In the meantime, American veterans, some homeless and crippled, are being ignored by our government.

President Barack Obama made the statement, “Smoking pot may be a vice, but it is no more dangerous than alcohol.” I’m sure the thousands, maybe even millions of people who have lost loved ones because of alcohol and drunk driving would not agree that alcohol is not dangerous.

Obama has no conscience. He has no problem spending millions of “our money” on his vacations and parties at the White House (the house Michelle Obama calls a prison). In the meantime, 40 percent of Americans are not working, but that is OK with Obama. He would rather take more taxpayer money to pay unemployment for more than two years than create jobs so people can go to work.

Kovach says Kerry should be in jail for being a traitor. Obama should be in the same jail for also being guilty of treason by allowing four Americans to be killed in Benghazi and lying about it.