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Mike Myhre, Fargo, Published January 26 2014

Letter: It’s all about right-wing money and greed

‘John Kerry insults Vietnam veteran,” said Tom A. Kovach, alias Rip Van Kovach, in The Forum on Jan. 20.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney did a hell of a lot more. They made more than insults to “we the people.” They made full-blooded war criminals out of all of us. All for money and power – greed.

Are you people really that brainwashed you can’t see or understand right from wrong? The leaders of the right wing are nothing but fascist low-lifes, destroying our country and our living the American dream.

Do you even know the meaning of fascism? If you are supporting the right wing, you better know before you vote what you are voting for. Don’t believe me? Get a dictionary. You call what we have today a democracy? You’ve got to be insane.

I just hope you’re not insane enough to vote two more rich oil boys in office or any more right-wingers.