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Fred Diener, New York, N.Y., Published January 25 2014

Letter: Welk editorial spoke the truth

My wife and I were both born and raised in New York, where we continue to reside. Part of our lifestyle includes routinely watching reruns of “The Lawrence Welk Show,” which have become all the more priceless in the changing landscape of America’s music scene.

Having read with keen interest about Lawrence Welk’s life and career, what impresses us the most is the wholesome, ethical culture he created for his musical family of superb musicians, singers, dancers – something that clearly has its roots in his upbringing on a North Dakotan farm.

In my corresponding regularly for the past six years with a North Dakotan whom I have come to hold in great esteem as a friend and associate – someone who is caring, honest, disciplined and optimistic through-and-through, to name a few of many admirable qualities noted time and time again, I fervently wish that these kinds of admirable qualities could be inculcated across all of America.

Within this same context, I found The Forum’s insightful editorial –“It’s about more than an old house” (Jan. 14) – to voice precisely what needs to be heard, having gone directly to the heart of the matter. Although my wife and I are New Yorkers, your words have so resonated with the core values we hold dear, that in recognizing the redeeming social and educational importance of the Lawrence Welk Homestead Project, we wish to be among the first to pledge an annual donation (modest due to our fixed income) to whatever venue may come to be established to facilitate supplementary financial support.

Thank you for so passionately speaking the truth.