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Brad Mills, Jamestown, N.D., Published January 17 2014

Letter: Lesson needed in free enterprise

In response to Kelan Oster’s letter (Forum, Dec. 27), “Robertson quotes are misinterpreted,” I think the author needs lessons on free speech and free enterprise.

Oster said, “The recent suspension of ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson from filming by A&E is a disgusting and disgraceful violation of our First Amendment rights.” First, it’s important to note that A&E recently reversed its decision, so Robertson is not being suspended after all. In any case, A&E is a private business, and what it did (and then undid) was a business decision.

Remember that these conservatives are the same people who constantly preach about how private businesses should be free to make their own decisions. Actually, I think Robertson should be strongly encouraged to continue to speak his mind because it reveals him for the ignorant bigot that he is, and it reminds us of the rampant ignorance and bigotry that still exists in America.

It’s interesting how Oster, on his moral high horse, failed to mention that Robertson didn’t simply make anti-gay comments. He also said “he never saw black people mistreated during the pre-civil rights era,” which is every bit as outrageous as anything else he said.

The problem with conservatives is that they want freedom of speech only for themselves. When anyone speaks out against anything they say, they play the victim and cry about “political correctness.” They do this because they want to be able to slander, insult and attack anyone they want without consequence.

Sorry, but free speech cuts both ways.