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Kay Syvrud, Hawley, Minn., Published January 04 2014

Letter: Stop the DC stall on oil pipelines

The horrible Dec. 30 accident with two trains colliding in Casselton, N.D., reinforces something that has bothered me a long time: the transportation of crude oil by railroad cars over miles and miles of railroad tracks with the imminent danger of derailments and explosions and endangerment of towns like Casselton.

Unfortunately, foolish individuals in our current government have opposed the building of a pipeline that would more safely transport crude oil, in spite of their silly arguments against a pipeline and the giving in to pressure from wild-eyed eco-maniacs.

There is far more danger of such accidents like the one that happened in Casselton than any accidents along a pipeline, if you compare the relative risks of both means of transporting crude oil.

I wish government officials with blinders in place would see this danger and allow the pipeline to be built.

It is necessary in spite of “Beltway Disease” so rampant among those in Washington, D.C.