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Rodney Nelson, Fargo, Published December 27 2013

Letter: CBS news reveals a disturbing GOP tilt

On mornings when The Forum is late, I tune in to a local radio station for the weather. I also hear CBS news.

The network seems to be up to mischief. It has aired the same story on more than one occasion with a two-week span in between. More than half of the people it has surveyed “disapprove of Obamacare,” runs the lead.

A news organization will do its own survey when an issue is hot, i.e., worthy one. I do not see an intrinsic urgent need here. For the GOP, of course, the sky is falling and will continue to do so until the party has retaken the Senate and the White House, Obama has gone back to his birthplace and “real leadership” is established again.

CBS is not the GOP, but whoever wrote the copy seems to be working for it. People were asked how they saw and felt about the future of the Affordable Care Act. An interviewee on the street or in the mall had perfect spoken delivery, I noted. “Only” so many thought the results of it would be better than the status quo. For “over half,” however, the situation “will be worse.”

The first time I heard the story, the reporter said, “It’s worse.”

Next year, the GOP will try to keep the House and grab the Senate while sneering at the lame duck in the White House. Attacks on so-called Obamacare will rage. CBS, with its partisan editorializing under the cover of reportage, is adding to the drumbeat effect that the party wants.

Manipulation of public opinion via news theater has already begun.