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Kelan Oster, Bismarck, Published December 27 2013

Letter: Robertson quotes are misinterpreted

The recent suspension of “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson from filming by A&E is a disgusting and disgraceful violation of our First Amendment rights, and every single one of us should be offended by this move.

I disagree with Robertson’s opinions on gay rights but do not disagree with the remarks that he made. The quote that is being targeted in the media is being misunderstood and misrepresented. He never said that he hates people who are gay or anything even similar. Robertson’s simple statement was that it is a sin, which it is.

Has the media ever heard of the Bible? He was simply making a statement that according to the Bible, homosexuality is a sin. This huge blowup is another horrible example of an activist group making up an issue so they can call someone a homophobe.

What does this say about us as a society if we allow people like Al Sharpton to tell society who is a racist and who is a homophobe? This has become a huge problem in our country, and we need to wake up. Not everything everyone ever says is racist or homophobic.

How is it racist for me to disagree with President Barack Obama’s policies? But I have been told that I am a racist because of my viewpoints.

When a society resorts to calling anyone who disagrees with them insensitive, ignorant, a racist, a homophobe or a sexist, that is the beginning of a huge downfall within our society that will be very tough to climb out of. Are the people who make up the racism racist then as well?

Come on, America and A&E, wake up. You are being played!