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Anthony Jacobson, Fargo, Published December 25 2013

Letter: Banning e-cigs just the tip of outlawing more vices

In regard to The Forum article “Fargo begins move to include

e-cigarettes in tobacco ordinance” by Wendy Reuer (Dec. 23, Page A5):

Make no mistake, I am not a fan of cigarettes. They have an odor that is to be reckoned with, the butts are an undisputed eyesore, and the irrefutable scientific evidence of the negative consequences of smoking cigarettes is a matter of fact.

However, do I believe these to be grounds to demonize and abolish electronic cigarettes? No. If anything, all of my aforementioned reasons ought to be reason why we endorse e-cigs.

E-cigs have no more odor than a person’s bad breath from which the vapor is blown. E-cigs do not produce any kind of immediate refuse upon the ground because they are not discarded in that manner.

E-cigs, above all else, are relatively safe.

Yes, nicotine is a stimulant, and, yes, given a large enough quantity of nicotine concentrate, it can kill a human being. But so can the same be said about caffeine and yet, we as a community are not running to shut down the Babbs or Red Raven or Luna coffee shops.

Alcohol is another substance that can kill a human being given the proper quantity and yet, as a community, we are hardly willing to give up our bars or our proudly flourishing microbrew, Fargo Brewing Company.

Excess sugar, sodium and fat are now factually associated with diabetes. So now must we pass ordinance and policy that bans the JL Beers, the Spicy Pies, Bertrosa’s or even the Rhombus Guys of the Greater F-M area?

“To protect the kids” is a rebuttal often heard when talking about e-cigs. Noble intentions, poor executions. Let us thus rid this community of all sin and cast out Fantasy’s, the Romantix, places selling and serving alcohol and/or nicotine, and all the cinemas that would dare run any movies with a rating greater than PG-13.

E-cigs are the healthiest alternative to nicotine consumption. Period. No secondhand smoke. No damage to the body beyond normal wear and tear. No generated refuse. These are all the traits that have made traditional cigarettes so abhorrent, and now that we have a product that allows responsible people the right of consumption through virtue of being an adult, we as a community want to snuff that out, too.

The times are changing and we, as a community, must have the courage to change with those times.