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Keith A. Monilaws, Absaraka, N.D., Published December 21 2013

Letter: ND Farm Bureau not for farmers?

I don’t know how many of you get the North Dakota Farm Bureau paper, Focus, but I would imagine there has to be thousands. After all, this is supposed to be the largest farm organization in North Dakota.

The last issue, dated December-January 2013, had a list of the priorities that the organization was going to pursue in North Dakota according to the 71st annual meeting with Congressman Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., as a guest speaker. The main issue at the convention was working hard to kill the Outdoor Heritage Fund as this was the main theme in the speech given by President Doyle Johannes.

The thing that seemed odd to me was not a single word was uttered in this address or in this entire issue about the farm bill. Even Cramer neglected to comment on when we might see the farm bill passed. Here is one of the largest farm organizations in North Dakota and not one word from the organization or Cramer about the farm bill! That is an unforgivable disservice to the North Dakota farmer.

We all know the Farm Bureau is against the farm bill because of the food stamp issue. For some reason, yet to be explained, the bureau has this issue with the food stamp program and how it reflects on the farmer.

I can tell you right now the North Dakota farmer is paying very little to sustain the food stamp program; the people paying for the food stamp program are the taxpayers of the United States – the very same people who are paying up to 67 percent of the premium that the farmers are paying for their crop insurance.