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Bruce Hingst, Fargo, Published December 16 2013

Letter: More government never an answer

Workforce Safety and Insurance announced possible legal action in the $17 million software debacle against Aon eSolutions. In the same article, it is reported that the Department of Human Services is having problems with new software and is requesting another $6.5 million from federal and state funds.

This brings a few questions to mind: Who was in charge of implementing these changes? Who was responsible for hiring the software companies? And who is losing their job for their incompetence. If this were in the private sector, people would be fired. The public sector enjoys the luxury of very little accountability for their inaction, mistakes or downright irresponsibility.

I guess this would explain all the feel-good advertisements on the radio of public workers. Then we hear all the rhetoric from public unions and liberals that public and government employees do not get the same respect and pay as the private sector. Take it with a grain of salt. Ask yourself a simple question: Would you keep your job if you spent that kind of money with no results?

More government is never the answer.