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Herman Winkels, Fargo, Published December 11 2013

Letter: ACA is clearly unconstitutional

In response to Tom Fiebiger’s putting the blame for the Affordable Care Act debacle on Republicans:

The affordable Care Act was passed by a Democratic majority Congress. Democrats in Congress voted for passage upon the urging of their leaders, to pass the Act and read it later. Uh-Huh! Congressional members violated their oath of office, wherein they swore to support and uphold the Constitution – a A violation of Article 6 of the Constitution.

The Constitution reserves the authority to nationalize an enterprise and to mandate a citizen buy a particular product or service to “We the People.”

President Barack Obama and a Democratic Congress stole that authority from the citizens. That makes the ACA unconstitutional.

The ACA violates the 5th Amendment to the Constitution in that there is no provision for “DUE PROCESS’ to contest taxes and fines imposed for failure to comply.

The ACA violates the 4th Amendment by providing access to personal health care and other personal information to appointees of the Obama administration.

The Constitution states that only Congress shall have the authority to write, re-write and enact laws. Supreme Court justices stole this authority from Congress when they changed wording and struck out clauses in order to make the act fit under the Commerce Act. Wrong! Personal health care does not fit under the definition of Commerce by the Constitution, therefore, the ACA is unconstitutional.

The Democrats are blowing hot air in order to confuse the citizens and to cover up their theft of rights from the citizens. They are thieves and should be prosecuted.