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Julie Sandvig, Published December 09 2013

Letter: Sen. Cook: Listen to this from ‘my pretty little head’

Recently, Joel Heitkamp had Sen. Dwight Cook , R-Mandan, on his KFGO radio show. When asked for comment on Kathleen Sebelius’ responsibility for the healthcare.gov website, Sen. Cook felt it appropriate to say on live radio:

“Let me explain it this way, Joel, and you might feel the same way. When I find out my wife’s been shopping at a home improvement store, I get nervous. I wonder what ideas are going on in her pretty little head and ‘What’s it going to cost me?’”

I think the women of North Dakota may have some news for Sen. Cook. I know it’s shocking in 2013, but women shop at home improvement stores all the time (probably even more than men do!). We even do our own home improvements. Our “pretty little heads” have a whole heckuva lot going on in them. Heck, my pretty little head got me a college degree, a home of my own, a full time career and the ability to spot blatant sexism in an elected official.

I would like to tell Sen. Cook that I’m more concerned over a war that’s cost taxpayers nearly a trillion dollars and thousands of lives that started over a Republican president’s mistake over weapons of mass destruction. I’m far more concerned with a party that would rather shut down the government than work toward a solution to a healthcare law they oppose. I will also tell Cook that my “pretty little head” is far less concerned with the cost of a website that assists the uninsured to get healthcare and doesn’t kill anybody in the process. My “pretty little head” is far more concerned with a state legislature who would rather spend thousands of dollars defending unconstitutional laws that subjugate women.

Also, it may come as news to Sen. Cook that women are eligible to vote. Our “pretty little heads” are quite consumed with the politics of sexism and female degradation that became a glaring embarrassment during the 63rd legislative session. Unfortunately, I’m not in district 34, but I do hope that the good people of North Dakota who realize this is no longer the 1950s will vote Sen. Cook and every other sexist politician out of office in 2014.

Sandvig lives in West Fargo.