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Scott Wardzinski, Fargo, Published December 08 2013

Letter: Spreading lies about filibuster

In response to Austin Noyes’ Dec. 2 letter titled “Filibuster vote should send chills down spine,” he does a good job spreading what many could take as lies. The first, and the biggest, being that the filibuster is in the U.S. Constitution. This is a flat-out lie.

The filibuster is not in any way mentioned, authorized or even complicated in the Constitution, either directly or indirectly. What the Constitution does permit is allowing each of the two houses of Congress to set their own rules. Allowing the nuclear option to pass is following the Constitution.

It is also implied by Noyes that the “nuclear option” is for all Senate votes, when it only applies to presidential appointments, excluding appointments to the U.S, Supreme Court. This will allow the positions that have sat vacant for most, if not all, of President Barack Obama’s term as president to finally be filled.

Perhaps if Republicans in the past five years did not almost double the number of filibustered presidential appointees since the founding of the United States and tried to govern rather than obstruct, then the Democrats would not have to use the powers they are legally granted in the U.S. Constitution to change the rules of the Senate.

In regards to the last “stab” at Democrats from Noyes noting “their outrageous spending policies,” I would like to note that the deficit is at the lowest point in the past decade under President Obama and the Democratically controlled Senate, lowering the trillion-dollar deficits from the Bush era to around $800 billion.

So one has to wonder how the spending policies are “outrageous,” as Noyes claims.