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Mary A. Kuebler, Perham, Minn., Published December 07 2013

Letter: Being thankful is full-time calling

It seems to me that Thanksgiving came and went so fast. Before you know it, there is snow on the ground and we are all at shopping malls trying to get our fix by pleasuring ourselves with gifts.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with getting “things” for yourself, but where has the continuation of Thanksgiving gone? This season, I am grateful for many things. Out of those things, I could narrow down and find the things for which I am grateful. And, for all the most important things that I am grateful for, I could almost not be entirely grateful for.

My question is, if we are not grateful for the small things, how can we be grateful for the big things? In my eyes, I know that a person does not compare to a car, but there are people who would disagree.

We need to commit to being thankful more often and understand why we are thankful. When you ask people what they are thankful for, they usually respond with typical answers: family, friends, job, etc. Those typical answers have major influences in our lives, so there should be a darn good reason why we are thankful for them.

At the end of the season, do we lose thoughts on how to be thankful and, most importantly, when to be thankful? We should be thankful 110 percent of the time for anything and everything. What are you thankful for and why?