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Dudley Wells, Twin Valley, Minn., Published December 07 2013

Letter: Past Republican behavior doesn't provide much hope

For once, I actually agreed with the Cal Thomas column published a week or two ago in which he correctly interpreted Christ’s lesson about praying in private versus in public. However, I am less enthusiastic about his opinion published in the Nov. 27 issue of The Forum in which he informs us of the Republican “last-ditch attempt to save the government” using a constitutional convention as provided by Article V of the U.S. Constitution.

Thomas bewailed the fact that Democrats are avoiding participation. They are and will continue to do so for good reason. Most Democrats believe that right-wing, neocon and tea party Republicans are essentially responsible for the gridlock in Washington and that this Article V scheme is just another red herring or diversion and a ploy to smear nonparticipating Democratic candidates in the next election.

Before any Democrats work to find a “cure” for government, they would have a couple of questions to ask these Republican crusaders. First, where were they all when the Bush-Cheney administration was running up trillions in federal debt on badly mismanaged wars and Wall Street payoffs and when they were tromping all over our civil rights after Sept. 11, 2001?

Likewise, once these do-gooders have scourged Washington of its evil and gotten rid of all those pesky federal taxes and regulations, what is their plan when our roads and bridges are impassable, our public schools are crumbling, our air, water and land are truly fouled, and the poor, the sick and the aged are begging in the streets? And another economic crash could be only months away?

Or don’t they really care?