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Todd Andreasen, Fargo, Published December 07 2013

Letter: At last, cable TV choice

I was happy to see in the Nov. 27 Forum that Midcontinent Communications has announced plans to expand to Fargo next spring.

I moved to Fargo from Minneapolis a little over a year ago and have been very disappointed in the prices, programming and service from Cable One.

First, in order to get Cable One’s “best price,” I had to bundle my cable and Internet with phone service I didn’t want or need. So I’ve been paying for a land line for more than a year and I don’t even have a land line phone.

The advertised rate was $99 a month, which after all their fees and taxes ended up being $130 a month. Last month, my bill suddenly jumped to $156 a month, so I called Cable One and was told that the original price was a one-year promotion that is now over. I had them drop my phone service, since the “bundle” pricing has expired, and was told that my bill will now be $133 a month, before the taxes and fees. Do the math.

Cable One offers a lot fewer channels in their basic cable package than I ever had living in the Minneapolis metro area, but for a higher price. And in the Minneapolis area, the cable companies offer 24-hour service, unlike Cable One.

Cable One in Fargo doesn’t have any night or weekend customer service in the Fargo market; you can only call them during the day on weekdays.

And good luck even finding a phone number for them on their website, as they apparently prefer a very nonhuman approach to customer service.

I’ve thought many times of dropping their service and telling them where they can stuff my cable box and router, but the fact is I like having cable and Internet and so my choice thus far is to either pay their rapacious rates or go without service entirely (I live in a north-facing apartment so dish service isn’t available to me).

I’m sure there are many people other than me who hate dealing with Cable One, and get enraged every time we have to watch one of their dishonest commercials claiming that Cable One is “common sense.”

So I’m glad competition is coming to town. I will be the first to cancel my service with Cable One when Midcontinent opens for business in Fargo. Good riddance.