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Mat Paulson, Moorhead, Published December 03 2013

Letter: Sign petition to get FCS games on TV

ESPN is once again greedily taking our Bison and Football Championship Series playoff games and putting them on the bench. They are broadcasting them on ESPN3, but anyone who has tried to view a game online knows it is one of the worst experiences there is. It gets even worse when thousands of people are trying to watch at the same time.

This is not just a viewing problem for us. Montana fans won’t have a chance at all to watch since only 10 percent can get the online feed. This is the same all over the country.

ESPN is going against their contract. The media, politicians, university officials and the NCAA are not even trying to take one for the team. The broadcast contract with NCAA states that ESPN must televise games or give the rights to local media. ESPN charges carriers 10 times more for their online service than has any other media outlet, and they stockpile games and tournaments with no intention of ever airing them.

Montana fans have started a petition on Facebook to send a resounding message to ESPN that we won’t have our games stolen from us. We need thousands of people to go to the Facebook petition event and click “going.” While you are on the page, invite everyone you know and share this with everyone – media, politicians and anyone who will help fight for the little guy.

Search “FCS Petition” on Facebook, and let’s get this ball rolling before it is too late.