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Austin Noyes, Moorhead, Published December 01 2013

Letter: Filibuster vote should send chills down spine

On Nov. 21, Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., invoked a vote to end the power of the filibuster, which passed 52-48 in the Democratically controlled Senate.

Unknown to most Americans, this so-called “nuclear option” should send chills down the spines of Democrats and Republicans alike. At the inception of our nation, the Founding Fathers created a republic that safeguarded both the people’s majority opinion and the rights of the minority (such as the filibuster and the Senate itself). But, the move that the Democrats have made in the Senate puts everything our Founding Fathers wanted in danger.

Along with their outrageous spending policies, the Democrats have now taken away a minority right that will not go unnoticed. I am frankly disgusted by the move the liberal Democrats have made at changing the very Constitution they swear to protect.

I hope all Americans will realize what grave and dangerous times we live in if our politicians are allowed to amend and bend the rules as they please, without any repercussion to follow.