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Rita M. Lee, Fargo, Published November 30 2013

Letter: Teachers, coaches must show respect

I’ve been intrigued by the story of West Fargo coach and teacher Jim Jonas. I understand that some of his actions were inappropriate. I am hoping that all those in the field of teaching, coaching, etc. are also held up to higher standards.

I don’t have children, so I am not in the know of what happens in the school systems nowadays. Back in my school days, we had teachers and one superintendent who verbally and physically attacked students. I was knocked down two flights of steps by an out-of-his-mind superintendent, and I was also hit over the head with a very thick book by an art teacher. I also witnessed a teacher put his fist through a table, slam a male student against a wall and hold him up by his collar, and other abusiveness.

Nothing was ever done back then in the 1970s. So I do have to say “hooray” that those who are to be respected also respect others. I had many more wonderful teachers in my life than those described here. I also commend those who teach because I know it is not an easy job and they truly love what they do. Thank you, teachers.