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Rose Koslofsky, Fargo, Published November 26 2013

Letter: PTSD has wider ramifications

Post-traumatic stress disorder isn’t just a veterans disorder. It can happen to anyone who has been violated in any way, such as a child who has been bullied, a victim of child abuse, a person in an abusive relationship and rape victims. It can be crippling and cause you to isolate yourself for years at a time.

Victims of this disorder relive the pain and suffering on an almost daily basis and most often the rest of their lives. They hate to be in a social setting because they may react incorrectly and it may embarrass them; they hate to be alone because they may hurt themselves.

Many have found strength though exercise, biofeedback and hypnosis. The suffering is because there are so many monsters who have never learned boundaries and they hurt others. The suffering is sometimes debilitating and devastating. Perhaps there are too many families that have never learned boundaries themselves and to respect other people’s boundaries. Perhaps that should be taught in school.

Crime is up, bullying is up, alcohol and drug use are up. Young bullies grow up to be adult bullies. Even the number of kids who cut themselves is up, and some grow into just plain monsters who have no regard for human life. Perhaps we should start with the young to save the old.