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David Cummings, Fargo, Published November 26 2013

Letter: Relax, Obamacare will be just fine

Fret not, my friends. Obamacare ails, but not permanently. The computer problems will be corrected, injured parties made whole and health insurance will become affordable for the vast majority of Americans. It must. If it fails to do this, it should be trashed.

Currently, the Republican criticism of Obamacare is good in the sense that it keeps the playing field honest. Let’s assume, however, that Republicans are totally successful and completely overturn Obamacare. What happens then? What creative ideas have they generated that will resolve our health care dilemma? Unless you are completely misinformed, you already know that health care costs in this country are nearly twice that of other industrial countries while our health outcomes are not nearly as good.

Our current health care system is seriously out of whack – something you may easily see on an itemized hospital bill showing a $200 charge for a couple of Tylenol, or better yet, to find that one in four bankruptcies is related to health care expenses. What serious agenda have Republicans advanced to address this issue? Sadly, the answer is none, zip, zero, nothing. Perhaps they do not realize that this country is going broke trying to finance a health care system that does not work. Or worse, they do not care because it does not fit their ideology. While Republicans may be credited for criticizing Obamacare, they have failed miserably in developing viable alternatives.

We need construction, not destruction. Given time, Obamacare will work. In the meantime, Republicans should be very cautious because if they are successful in derailing Obamacare, they may end up with something that they despise even more: a national health care system.