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Neal Stein, Fargo, Published November 24 2013

Letter: It’s time to do away with these silly, hate-filled fools

It’s funny how the loudest and proudest white people are the biggest embarrassments to their own race. By funny, I mean pathetic. Craig Cobb and his twerpy little sidekick Kynan Dutton continue to prove again and again that white- power idiots are truly idiots and nothing more.

They like to complain how their rights are being infringed when people don’t want to hear what they have to say, and they expect their civil liberties to be preserved even though the very platform upon which they hold their beliefs is the denial of life and liberty to certain groups of people because of their race, ethnicity or religion.

They can try to downplay it all they want, but when you walk around in a swastika shirt, that means you’re either a punk-rock provocateur or you want to exterminate blacks and Jews.

Then they show up at people’s houses with guns. I’ll tell you what, Craig. You show up on my lawn with a gun and you’re leaving in a body bag. Absolutely no other possible outcome. I’m surprised that’s not what happened in Leith. It’s probably good that the citizens of Leith didn’t take the law into their own hands, but now the law has to spend time and resources to deal with these morons when there are certainly better things to do.

These people want a fight; I say let them have it. They won’t last long and we won’t have to waste money babysitting their sorry butts.