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Mike Jorgensen, Fargo, Published November 23 2013

Letter: Repeal flawed legislation regardless of its intentions

I’m curious as to how many more millions of people will have to have their health insurance policies canceled before politicians finally abandon Obamacare and agree it needs to be repealed. Five million more? Ten, 20, 50 or 100? What’s the magic number that will cause such clamor to be so loud that it shuts down congressional phone lines and produces demonstrations in our nation’s capital? How much more damage needs to be wrought on the insurance industry and the economy from businesses trying to mitigate the harmful effects of this government overreach? Can you say rollout and implementation of “Titanic” proportions?

Don’t get me wrong, we need health care reforms, but wouldn’t it make sense to have both parties at the table when the legislation is being written and start with incremental reforms that everyone can agree on? No, this president and those who believe that big government should do “big” things and that “we know want’s best for Americans” saw their political window of a filibuster-proof Senate open and took the opportunity to seize command of 1/16th of the economy. This legislation would finally give those in Washington massive control and influence over people’s lives.

Politicians of both parties have betrayed our trust at times and have a hand in our national debt and decline. But it is Americans who have elected them and keep re-electing some of the worst. We deserve the government we elect.

Our founders meant for the population to stay informed and hold elected officials accountable for their actions. They also believed in protecting the press so they could be a watchdog for the people. Sadly, much of the media seems to be so ideologically mated with this administration that they have forgotten their first responsibility, which is to shine the light on those elected to office and the legislation they produce. Why didn’t our media warn us of the impending cancellations? Why didn’t legislators put in place safeguards from this happening? Why weren’t there more than 50 Democratic senators banging on the president’s door demanding answers about these cancellations instead of just the ones worried about their jobs next year?

They are paid and elected to protect the jobs and liberties of all Americans, not just their own. I think they all need to hear from us and be reminded of that. Bad legislation needs to be repealed regardless of its intentions.